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Basic Facts about Area Rugs That You Need to Know

When setting out to decorate a room in your home, an area rug may not be the first accessory which comes to mind. People often forget to include them in their overall plan, yet they are an essential piece – one which is necessary for a cohesive design.

Area Rugs3

Without an area rug many times a room will feel empty and bare, though you may not be able to pinpoint the reason. In fact, many amateur decorators make the common mistake of overlooking this important item. Fortunately, picking out the right area rug is not a difficult task, though you have many options to choose from today. So, to help you decide which area rug is right for your needs, let’s cover some common types in more detail below.

Area Rugs with Borders

Bordered rugs are easy to spot, as the edges have a pattern which is separate from the design used in the middle. Typically, the border will be a different color than the hue used in the rest of the rug – making it more visible to the eye. This combination of two or more separate colors is quite visually appealing, making these area rugs a popular choice.

Area Rugs4

Bordered area rugs often have a more formal feel, making them a good choice in designs which boast this type of theme. Yet, that isn’t always the case, especially when multicolored borders are employed for a more festive finish instead.

Dhurrie Area Rugs

These highly distinctive rugs are produced in India, and they feature a trademark woven appearance which many people find appealing. More artistic options are also available, and you can find a variety of unique patterns that will act as a conversation piece in your home.

Area Rugs32

For example, you can often find these rugs with patterns of animals, people or flowers woven straight into the fibers. With their unobtrusive design Dhurrie rugs are a welcome addition to a variety of design themes, though you should expect to pay more for better quality items.

Oriental Area Rugs

Most people are familiar with this type of rug, as they are the most recognizable. Oriental rugs are closely associated with elegant taste and disposable income. Surprisingly, there are some that purchase these rugs as an investment, as their price only seems to grow over time.

Area Rugs5

One of the reasons these rugs hold up so well and are so prized, is because each one is handcrafted by an expert artisan.

What types of materials are typically used? Wool is the most economical option, though any kind of oriental rug won’t be inexpensive. However, if you truly want the best of the best, then one crafted from silk is the obvious choice.

Inlaid Area Rugs

If you want a rug that is tailor-made for your needs, then inlaid rugs are an excellent option. You can come up with a one-of-a-kind pattern, and your carpet designer will do the rest. While this option is probably best for more advanced designers, it gives you a freedom not found with other choices.


Though you may pay more for the privilege, using an inlaid area rug will allow you to custom make the design that you’ve always wanted.

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Bring Rustic Romance To Your Bedroom Decor

An ambiance of rustic romance can seem like a premium in your bedroom, but it’s very easy to achieve. A few eclectic touches, some tricks with paint and window dressings, strategic use of those imperfect pieces of furniture that don’t fit anywhere else and some ambient lighting can help you effortlessly achieve a serene, charming and cozy rustic retreat.


You don’t need to bring in stucco fireplaces and log tables when you can just convincingly mock up, and you can start with just about any skill level and budget.

How To Pass Off Modern Walls As Rustic

If you live in a modern home like most urban homes are, you may not have wooden or stone walls, which are ideal for rustic homes. But you can achieve a workaround even with drywall. The essence of rustic décor is imperfection and textures. You can use textured paint treatments, such as with rag-rolling or sponging, to achieve the effect.


The shades of the paints you use can also further your goals of rustic charm. Use warm yellows, oranges and reds if you want to create a cozy, exciting rusticity. If you want to open up the room and make it more relaxing, use cool shades like whites, blues and greens.

Furniture Ideas

Any piece of furniture in natural materials such as iron, wicker or wood will be perfect in your rustic bedroom. You can use any old distressed piece too, with all its imperfections, and even distress it more to make it look as time-worn as the nostalgia you are trying to bring.


Also, you can get creative with arranging individual eclectic pieces – an orphan chair picked up at a garage chair, a wicker side table, etc. – instead of using a furniture set.

Simple Window Dressings for Rustic Bedrooms

There is nothing like white lace panels that elegantly drape over the windows and pool on the floor. Replace lace with linen or toile if you want to achieve a French provincial rustic home ambiance. You can make the window dressing more natural by skipping tailored valances and pocket rods for your curtains.


Instead, use tie-tops or simply drape some fabric over the windows. Curtain rods should ideally be wrought iron or wood, which have natural colors and textures to blend in with the rest of the décor. Distressed shutters are an alternative to curtains, covered with a sheer or floral swag.

Romantic Lighting

For romantic but general lighting enough for most tasks, use wall sconces or chandeliers. Avoid harsh shadows and glares by using fixtures or soft bulbs that diffuse the light. If you need a reading lamp or a desk lamp on your writing table, look for one with an antique lampshade or a lamp in a country style. Accent lighting can add more drama, in the form of cluster candles and a sconce or vintage candle stand.

rustic bedroom design

Final Touches with Accessories

Accessorize and add romance with elements like layered bedding, fabrics draped on empty walls, piles of luxurious pillows and throws, mixed fabric textures on a furniture that is too solid and hard.

rustic bedroom

A few floral cushions, lace tablecloths, a chenille throw, a bouquet of wild flowers or a basket of fresh herbs next to the bed bring flavors of romance to any rustic bedroom.

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Selecting the Right Color for Your Living Room

Picking out the right color for your living room requires that you make decisions about a number of different factors. Not only will you need to pick a color that you enjoy, but you also need a shade that fits well into your overall plan. How so? If you’re going to use furniture which you already own, then you’ll need to choose a hue that matches these items.

Or, perhaps you have some treasured heirlooms or accent pieces which you love, and your wall color will need to be painted to match. Finally, your budget should be taken into consideration as well, as this will give you a good idea of your limitations.

Use This Color Guide

When starting out to decorate your living room, the main question on your mind may be what proportions of each color should you use in the space? Most decoration schemes include three distinct colors, the first being your primary or dominant hue. You’ll also want to select secondary and accent shades, which should be progressively bolder.

modern living room 2

A good rule of thumb is to fill up your living room with about sixty percent of your primary color. Obviously, this means it will be the dominant shade in the space, so it shouldn’t be an overpowering choice. Rather, it is better to pick a milder option, and use accent colors to make your room eye-catching instead. Next, your secondary shade should account for about thirty percent of the space available. Keep in mind that these percentages don’t just pertain to the walls, but apply to furniture and accessories too.

Finally, your accent color comes last, and it should be used sparingly. About ten percent of the space is a good guideline, and this is where you can afford to take some more risk. While you may not want to paint your entire room with a shocking purple or a deep red, these shades will make a perfect accent to brighten up your décor. However, try to stay within that ten percent limit, as an entire accent wall in this color would likely be over-the-top. Instead, use your accent color for accessories like vases, candles, artwork or throw pillows.

Find Inspiration

It can be tough getting started, when you’re trying to pick out the perfect color for your living room’s décor. Yet, one simple tip can help you get the ball rolling, and it is so obvious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before. Why not take a trip to your closet and look at the colors that you find there – as you clearly enjoy these shades the best. If you see many garments of the same color, you now have a better idea about your preferences.

While painting your living room the same color as your favorite suits or dresses isn’t always appropriate, this method can at least help your creative juices begin to flow. If this technique doesn’t work for you, you can always look at popular design magazines or even examine the sets of your favorite TV shows. All of these can provide excellent color palette ideas, and the best advice is just to keep your eyes open.

Popular Color Schemes

If trying to create a color palette from scratch seems too daunting, then you may want to use a popular preset option instead. Certain types of décor are associated with specific colors, and this may be the easiest route for you to choose.


The modern style of design is all about clean lines and utility.

You’ll find a lot of glass and metal in this school of thought, and the associated colors are usually white, gray and black.

modern living room

However, the accent color is often quite vivid, and you may want to include something like bright red to catch people’s attention.


Focused on styles that were prominent in the 1700 and 1800s, traditional design emphasizes furniture pieces which speak of grace and opulence.

Traditional living room colors

Warm earthy tones are the most common colors used in this scheme, though walls are usually painted white – to provide a neutral backdrop for the furnishings.

Traditional living room

Think brown, blue, tan, or muted reds when trying to stick with a traditional theme.


This design melds the concepts found in contemporary and traditional themes into a seamless whole. How so? The furniture choices are most often cast in contemporary style, meaning they are not very ornate.

transitional living room20

The clean lines of this furniture blend well with the traditional components, which are usually muted – such as warm wood touches and upholstery with plaid or flower prints. Common color choices are low-key options like beige or tan, which would represent the contemporary piece of the puzzle.


On the traditional side of the scope, you’ll often see deep hues like purple, maroon or dark wood finishes used as accents.


If you don’t like being tied down to one specific style, then an eclectic living room is an excellent option.

Eclectic living room

The idea behind this design scheme is to combine a variety of different styles together into a cohesive whole. You are free to choose furniture from all different styles, and you aren’t limited in your color palette when it comes to accessories, wall colors or upholstery.

Eclectic living room1

For example, you may select an ornate handcrafted sofa with stunning wood scroll-work, yet have it upholstered in leopard print fabric. These types of intriguing juxtapositions will give your living room tremendous visual interest – to create a space that can’t be ignored.


This choice features a more low-key approach, and the goal here is to make your living room as inviting as possible.

Contemporary living room

A contemporary style eliminates complex patterns, and opts for solid earth-toned colors instead. The idea is to make your space simple, warm and clean. While this may seem much like the modern design, because of the different finishes and color choices used, it is much more inviting.

Contemporary living room1

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Cabin And Lodge Home Decor: Everything You Need To Know


Cabins and lodge-style homes acts as the perfect getaways for individuals who want to escape from the hustles of urban lifestyles once in a while. There are many beautiful wilderness areas within driving distance from many California cities like San Francisco. It’s important to note that rustic retreats can look authentic and still feel comfortable at the same time.


In a strong economy, home owners may consider buying lodge homes or cabins for family retreats and vacations. Decorating cabins and lodges is important since it makes property warmer and more inviting. It also helps to raise the property value which is a good thing if you ever decide to put the property up for sale.

Rustic Cabin Decor


Traditionally, cabins and lodges are wooden frame structures that may have amenities such as running water, electricity and insulation. It’s important to note that none of these features are a must have in any cabin or lodge. Hunting lodges built on the foothills of S. Carolina between the 1890s and 1920s were used as weekend getaways for movie stars and businessmen.

Rustic Cabin Decor1

Some lodges are still there today although most have been transformed into permanent homes/residences. Hunting and fishing lodges which were once exclusive retreats spared for wealthy financiers now cater for weekend adventurers and tourists.

Rustic Cabin Decor2


Lodges and cabins offer comfortable living spaces which help people enjoy a relaxing stay. Cabins are meant to protect people from elements such as heavy rain which can ruin camping trips. Cabins also offer comfortable accommodation after strenuous activities such as hiking, fishing etc. Different cabins are usually used for different seasons. For instance, some rustic cabins are for spring, fall and summer use only. Insulated ski lodges are exclusively for winter although they can be used throughout the year.

Rustic Cabin Decor3


Lodge homes and cabins work well when built using natural materials like wood and stone. It’s important to select the material type naturally found in the vicinity to tie the home perfectly to the site. Some of the most common materials used in cabins are; birch barks and branches for decorations and signs and rough-hewn logs for furniture. Pinecones which are readily available in pine forest settings look perfect when lined up together on mantel pieces or when they are piled up in baskets.



Most small cabins have a living space, a bathroom and separate sleeping area. Luxurious cabins feature multiple bedrooms and natural-stone fireplaces and kitchens which open up to living areas creating more open spaces. Some cabins are constructed using a post & beam construction which allows open-concept designs i.e. walls which are moveable. Functional objects and sturdy fabrics make cabin space more comfortable without looking overdesigned. Vacationers can plan hikes in the comfort of their cabin’s living room with the help of topographical maps pined on the cabin walls in pine frames.


Simple table and floor lamps made from dark iron work perfectly in lodge-style homes and cabins. Mica shades on mellowing electric bulbs make cabin spaces cosier at night. Lodge blankets with Native American designs are perfect for decorating chairs and sofas as well as keeping off chills during frosty winter evenings. Rustic wall decorations including travel memorabilia and old lodge sign reproductions can be bought easily in many retail sites.



You don’t have to decorate your lodge or cabin all at once. Cabins and lodges are more about building memories and less about admiring new furnishes. Comfort is however an important element. Vintage stoves are perfect for adding an eclectic appeal to cabin kitchens. Cots and second-hand beds fit in visually. You should however make sure they don’t have worn out springs.

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Can Rug Pads harm Your Floors?

Hardwood floors are costly and they need minute attention to ensure proper maintenance. Hardwood floor staining or yellowing can be caused by rug pads. Thus many people have the query about the possible risk of using rug pads for the hardwood floors.

1A number of reasons can work under the hardwood floor damage. Obviously a quality rug pad will stick to the floor and will not damage or stain the floor. But a low quality rug pad can permanently discolor the floors. The major reasons that cause hardwood floor damages are noted below:

  1. PVC rug pads – these are highly risky for the hardwood floors as they often cause damage. The oil present in these pads dissipates over time and thus harms the flooring. This issue is often caused by the rug pads that contain vinyl, acrylic, laminate, and other plastic finishes. However, this can also be caused by polyurethane.
  2. Cheap Latex – Latex rug pads are much safer for the hardwood floors. But these too have some problems: the latex rug pads often contain clay fillers and these clay fillers break down into pieces and leaves dusts on the floors. Most people don’t notice this issue, because it takes a long time for this to happen and it is very infrequent that customers will look underneath their rugs to check for this issue.
  3. Not waiting for the curing times: It is common sight that people put a rug pad on their floor before the floor finishes with polyurethane cures. This could be a serious issue for the hardwood floors. The rug pads can soak up chemicals from the floor finishes and ultimately the rug pads will leave a mark on the floors.
  4. Breathability – For some types of floors and rugs breathability is a serious issue. To function properly, these floors and rugs need rug pads that are breathable. Perhaps it is not that much needed for the hardwood floors, but for linoleum, laminate, and acrylic finishes a breathable barrier should be ensured to keep the floors unstained.
  5. Sunlight – Sunlight can cause harm to your floors. Even when you are using a quality rug pad, your floor can be affected by the sunlight. It is a common thing that some types of floor finishes change their colors with time. It is not the rug pads that solely cause yellowing to the floors. Because of sun exposure the floor can change color. For this reason, usually the rug pad dealers mention how often a particular rug should be moved. So, if possible always ask your dealers about this issue, and then follow the instructions.
  6. There are many PVC rug pads that do not go well with certain types of floorings though they do go well with some other types of floors. The manufacturing of PVC rug pads follows “as low cost as possible” principle and most of them do not have any warranty. Because of the low quality the oils can react and dissolve into the floor finishes, causing permanent discoloration and damages.
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Rug Pads for Smaller and Larger Rugs

What is a Rug Pad?

A rug pad is the foundation to place under the area rugs. A rug pad has different functions. It may prevent the area rugs from slipping, may also provide cushioning for your area rug so that you can feel more comfort under your feet. There are different types of rug pads available on the market, and each of them has their exceptionality to serve a particular purpose.

x1Consumers often overlook the quality of a rug pad assuming that even a low quality rug pad will serve the rugs. But a low quality rug can harm not only the area rug but also the floor. Whereas, a high quality rug pad extend the life of the rug and protect it from wear and tear. Moreover, a quality rug pad checks slippage and facilitates cleaning and vacuuming.

Rug Pads for Smaller Oriental Rugs:

With smaller rugs non slip rug pads work best. Non slip thin pads are especially manufactured to prevent slipping and thus suitable for the smaller rugs as the smaller rugs are prone to slip.  You may choose a natural thin rubber pad as they are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harms to the floors. Moreover, a natural rubber pad also safeguards the rugs from wearing out over times. Another benefit of using natural rubber pad is that it is easier to clean and vacuum a rug that has a rubber rug pad beneath it.

You should not sacrifice the non slip feature of rug pad when you are choosing one for your smaller rug. If you need more comfort and cushioning for your smaller rug you may consider using a cushioned+ non slip rug pad.

Rug Pads for Larger Oriental Rugs

Choose a rug pad which thickness is not more than ¼ inch so you can be sure that your guests will not trip over the floor.  Many consumers prefer a felt and natural rubber rug pad. Whatever your choice is do not forget to make sure that the backing is made of 100% natural rubber, because 100% natural rubber does not stain floors. Moreover natural rubber pads are more likely to last longer than the synthetic rubber pads.  Besides, before choosing your rug pads consider your hardwood floor types and finishing.

x2The flooring manufacturers often provide guides and instruction which are to be considered before choosing a rug pad. There are some types of floor finishes that do not work with some particular types of rug pads. For example, most floors have polyurethane or some other type of finishes such as acrylic, vinyl, or lacquered. The last three types of finishes: acrylic, vinyl, and lacquered  cannot be used with a PVC rug pads as PVC reacts with those finishes.

If you survey the market and go through some good rug pad reviews you will get a better idea to determine which rug pad to use in which purpose. However, there are a number of rug pads types according to their production material and styles. Some of them are noted below: PVC rug pads, polymer rug pads, felt and rubber rug pads, reused jute rug pads, polymer coated polyester rug pads, solid jute rug pads, vinyl, synthetic latex, and natural rubber.

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Wool Rug Pads

Wool rug pads offer the most comfort and softness to area rugs. Among the naturals rug pads available in the market wool rug pads use the most natural materials: wool. The wool mostly comes from the sheep of New Zealand. New Zealand wool is the finest wool around the world and thus widely used in the 100% natural rug pads. The US manufacturers of the natural rug pads collect the New Zealand wool to produce the finest quality rug pads.

3Wool rug pads are one of the pricey rug pads on the market. The high price of wool rug pads is due to the high manufacturing and production cost of wool. In fact, wool, the raw materials for wool rug pads, is very expensive than the synthetic alternatives of other rug pads production. The manufacturing process of wool rug pads involve a series of steps executed by hands, for example, the wool is collected from the sheep by hands, processed by hands, and even packaged by hands. First of all, the wool is woven and then heat compressed into a felt pad, this part of the wool rug pad production often done in the USA.

On the other hand, felt rug pads are made of leftover felt fibers, the remains of carpet production.  These leftover fibers are far easier to collect and use in rug pad production. That is why, felt rug pads have an affordable price. But except their low price they have a list of disadvantages. First, though felt rug pads are easier to produce, they are not Eco friendly. These pads are not all natural as they contain chemical polypropylene fibers. Secondly, felt contains synthetic fibers and thus they are prone to outgas toxic elements in the air.

Most rug pads are made from PVC components and are likely to release toxins in the environment of the rooms. Moreover, they can also harm the floors. On the other hand, wool is 100% biodegradable and renewable, that is, wool breaks down naturally over time. So wool rug pads do not outgas and do not cause harm to the floors. To sum up, wool rug pads last long and can be used without risking the environmental issues.2

You can be sure that a wool rug pad will suit any types of wood floor finishes: laminate, hardwood, tiles, stone, or any other glossy floor finishes. Wool rug pads have no latex or rubber in their texture, and therefore, are more comfortable for their extra cushion. Whereas, most non slip rubber pads contain PVC; and for the presence of PVC in them, they are prone to outgas toxins. There are many overseas manufacturers who produce a great bulk of rubber rug pads. These overseas manufacturers barely run test on American hardwood floors, so their rug pads may harm your hardwood floors. But if you choose a wool rug pad, you can easily skip this issue with the rubber rug pads.  So that you will find your floor is shinning with the grandeur of new.

Wool has a high ignition temperature and therefore they can work as flame retardants. So if your floor is likely to absorb heat you can choose wool rug pads. If the floor gets heated it is more likely that the rug pads that use synthetic fibers will cause staining to the floors. So, here all natural wool rug pads are the only solution.

Another extraordinary feature of wool rug pads is breathability, that is, wool rug pads allow passing air between rug pads and the floors. There are a lot of floor finishes that require a rug pad that would allow air flow between the rugs and the pads, and between the rug pads and the floors. In case of these floorings, if a proper rug pad is not use your floors could be stained or damaged. Natural rug pads can serve these purpose swell as they allow the necessary air flow to ensure that the health of your rugs, rug pads, as well as the floors is not hampered. The more air flow your rug pads will allow the better will be for both your rugs and the floors.

Wool rug pads are odorless even when they have been used for a long time. They do not have any recognizable odor to disturb you. As you know indoor air is five times more likely to be polluted than the outdoor airs, you should use a natural rug pad. Natural rug pads do not release any harmful air pollutants rather they can reduce the harmful pollutants of a room.

Low quality rug pads are one of the main sources of indoor air pollutants.  Low quality rug pads and polypropylene carpeting cause outgassing. So, it is recommended to use a 100% natural wool rug pad for larger area rugs. Remember that natural fibers are better for rugs and floors than the synthetic fibers.

A good and high quality rug pad can expand the durability of your rugs. So, rug pads should be chosen carefully. Wool rug pads do not contain any chemical substances, and they are 100% Eco friendly.

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Quality Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are widely popular for their subtle elegance and grandeur despite the fact that they are extremely pricey. Modern hardwood floors are especially made to prevent accidental damage. Modern hardwood floors are usually sealed and baked well so that they can outlast the possible damage factors. However, still they need proper and careful maintenance. Because, though modern hardwood floors are sealed and baked they can be get damaged by different factors that will be discussed below.

Factors that Cause harm to Hardwood Floors

Dampness is the one of the cardinal factors that can cause severe damage to hardwood floors. Usually dampness is resulted from water spill, but any kind of liquid could do the same harm. It is true that the modern hardwood floors use baked urethane which is water resistant, but when a pool of water is spilled over the floor even this water resistant urethane cannot save the floorings. As a result, water penetrates through the floor boards.

Dampness can be also caused by potted plants especially when they are overwatered. Moreover, potted plants can cause a kind of black discoloration on nails of the floorings. Plants have natural tannins, and when these tannins dissolve they react with the iron present in the soil and then create the ‘iron gall ink.’ Iron gall ink is the reason of the common black discoloration found on nails in older hardwood flooring.

Area rugs can also harm the hardwood floors. This happens when the area rugs catch moisture and dampness after some spills. For any type of spills proper care must be taken. It is to advise that after a spill on your floor you should quickly wipe away the liquid. Above all take necessary steps to protect your floors from the susceptible sources of water such as potted plants and aquariums.

Another deadly reason of hardwood floor damage is abrasion. In spite the fact that modern hardwood floor coatings are scratch resistant, the hardwood floors can get scratches from sources like scratching of dog claws, or the dragging furniture across the floors. Sand and dirt from the outside could also cause abrasion. When dirt or sand piles under rugs and you do not have a rug pad for your rug then this dirt and sand will definitely mar your flooring because of their coarse friction.

f1If your hardwood floor is old and damaged with scratches you can fix the floor by refinishing them. If your floor has smaller and light scratches it can be mended with a paste wax or fine steel wool. But it is always a good idea to ask your manufacturers to know what should be the best way to repair your hardwood floor. Usually, the original manufacturers provide guidelines and instructions about the scratch repair products for most of the modern hardwood floors.

How Rug Pads Prevent Hardwood Floor Damages?

The best way of preventing abrasion is to use a suitable rug pad for the each rug. Especially for the heavy traffic areas like entrances or corridors a quality rug pad should be used along with a rug. Rugs are often not put under the legs of furniture, but to prevent abrasion you should put rugs under the legs of furniture. Besides, you should follow some other cautions. For example, avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside the rooms, so that you can prevent the intrusion of dust in your rooms. Moreover, remember to move your chair or any other furniture by lifting rather than sliding or dragging them over the floors.

Damages can also be caused by localized weight distribution across the floors. Under the legs of heavy furniture occurs the cupping, that is, because of the pressure of the furniture the floors can get thinner under at those places. For this issue you should consider refinishing your floors by sanding them down until they are leveled. If the hollow is smaller you can repair them by layering them with a thin cloth and with a steam iron to rehydrate the wood. If you apply this process the area will swell and ultimately smoothen away the dent. This technique must be applied with proper care. However, modern flooring often requires a total replacement of the affected boards.

Using rug pads is a good way to protect your hardwood floors. If you are looking for an extra protection for your floor it should be choosing a rug pad. When you are choosing your rug pad be meticulous about your selection. Determine your needs, floor types, and rug types, and then choose the right rug pad. A right rug pad will prevent your floor whereas a low quality rug pad may cause more harm to your floor.

Choosing the Right Rug Pads

Avoid those rug pads that us adhesives in them. These pads use adhesives to make sure that they will not move or slip. And these pads are often manufactured with low quality PVC materials. Their manufacturing also requires the use of chemicals. All these things work against the hardwood floors. As the chemicals used in these rug pads can cause staining. These chemicals also react to the finishes used on the hardwood flooring. So, if you want to safeguard your hardwood floor you must avoid these rug pads and choose an Eco-friendly rug pad instead.

f2If your floor is refinished recently give it the time to cure. Generally, hardwood floors take around a month to get cured. So, make sure that you have ensured at least a month to get your floor stabilized. When you are buying your flooring you should not compromise with the quality. Remember, a cheaper product can be of low quality and thus may trap you spending more money for the replacement and maintenance.

Thickness of a rug pad is also very important for the protection of your floor. The thicker your pad is the more comfort it will give. Thicker pads are ideal for larger rugs, whereas, thinner rug pads are usually used for the smaller rugs. Thicker pads also help check early wear and also work as an excellent buffer between the floor and the rug itself; as a result, vacuuming and grooming become easier. Smaller rugs are more prone to slip than the larger rugs, and thus thinner rug pads are used for the smaller rugs. Because thinner rug pads provide better grip and they are recommended to use in the high traffic area where a smaller rug is used.

Some particular hardwood floors require air flow between them and the rug pads to look fresh. So if you want to keep your floor unharmed you should consider choosing a rug pad that is capable to breathe air.  The breathability of a rug pad can also prevent harmful bacteria from growing in your floor. If you are in a hot area where there is much humidity in the air you need a rug pad that has moisture barrier. The extra layers of these pads prevent moisture from passing through, so your rug will not get mildew and mold.

Lastly, always try to use an Eco friendly rug pad that has not any unsafe chemical substances, adhesives, or glues, as well as that will not release harmful VOC‘s in the air. There are some PVC pads that are not manufactured with care or following the emission and toxic filler tests. These PVC pads can be hazardous to the health. To secure your safety for both your health and floor choose a natural rug pad made from wool or felt.

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Felt Rug Pads

Felt rug pads add an extra layer of cushioning to the rugs increasing the comfort under your feet. Besides the comfort, felt rug pads provide a non slip barrier between the floors and the rugs. A felt rug pad is put under the rugs and can absorb noise. It can be easily assumed that the thicker the pad is the more cushioning it is to provide, as a result, less noise will be made while walking over it.  Because of these benefits felt rug pads are the best type of rug pads that can reduce noise and aid you to soundproof your room.

Using felt rugs could be the better choice for you to deal with noises produced in a room. And if you are living in an apartment house these pads could be the best choice as these pads can noticeably reduce the noise from footfalls. If you want to keep your neighborhood calm and undisturbed you must bar noise, and for this felt rug pads help significantly. Along with the noise reduction, a felt rug pad also add extra cushioning and more comfort under your feet.  Moreover, felt rug pads support the rugs to be fixed in their places so that you are less likely to slip over your floor.

4Felt rug pads are obviously suitable for your home. But they can also serve well to reduce the noise in your office. The main purposes they are to serve are adding extra cushioning and support to your rugs, and absorbing noise that is produced and reflected in a room.

You may find three main types of felt rug pads available on the market. They are the jute rug pads, 100% felt rug pads, and the rubber-felt rug pads. All these three types are described below:

Jute rug pads

Jute rug pads were highly recommended for the merits they offered, but because of their high price they are no more manufactured widely. As a result, if you find a jute rug pad by chance that will cost you a good amount of money.

100% Felt rug pads

The raw materials for 100% felt rug pads are recycled materials. These recycled materials do not contain any added chemicals, glues or latex so, they are friendly to the floors. This is the main benefit that you can get from a 100% felt rug pad.

Rubber-felt rug pads

In this type of pads rubber and felt are used together. These pads can prevent the rugs from slipping and best for smaller rugs as the smaller rugs are more likely to move over the floor.

There is also another type of rug pads directly made from recycled felt materials commonly known as Eco-fiber felt pads. They are durable, soft and free from any types of unpleasant odor. One benefit of these Eco-fiber rug pads is that they have a variety of thickness. Generally, the thicker your rug pad is it is more likely for you to get better cushioning and comfort. Besides, a thicker rug pad is more likely to reduce noise. To get the highest level of thickness you could choose a 40 ounce dense felt rug pad.  This thickness enables the rug pads to resist the pressure of the footfalls and thus prevent your feet from sinking into the rug pads.

Buyers’ Guide

Before choosing or buying rug pads for your floors remember to consider the material the rugs are made of. Consider whether it is a 100% felt or a combination of different materials? If your felt pad is made of 100% dense felt, you can be sure that the thickness this rug pad is offering you is not fake, that is, it is not infused with air. The best way to explore the different aspects, benefits and demerits of a rug pad is to question the manufacturers about the rug pads. You could be curious about the chemicals used in the production. If the rug pads use chemicals in their production they are more likely to damage your floors by releasing toxic VOC in the long use.

If you are choosing a felt rug pad for noise reduction you should consider the thickness carefully. Thickness is not just to add extra comfort but it also aids the rug pads for reducing noise. The thicker your rug pad is the more it will likely to reduce noise, to provide insulation, and to offer support.

5Maintenance and Cleaning 

The maintenance of felt rug pads is easy and first of all the maintenance involve cleaning. You could casually clean your rug pads and you do not necessarily need any expert support. For example, an occasional vacuuming could be enough to remove the dust. In case of spills that have penetrated the rug pad you can clean the spills easily by mopping them with a damp cloth followed by dry blotting paper. After that you should allow the area to air for a couple of hours so that it will be dry. It is true that felt rug pads can last for several years, but at the end they do need to be replaced with a newer one. When you start to see it shredding fibers it is time for you to replace your rug pad.

Benefits of Felt rug Pads

  • Felt rug pads are highly suitable for noise reduction
  • They also provide insulation and acoustical benefits
  • They add extra comfort and warmth under your feet
  • They are inexpensive and have easy lay down
  • They are 100% safe for all types of floorings
  • They can ensure protection to your floor from wearing out

Felt rug pads are the best rug pads for noise reduction on the current market. Moreover, they are cheap, you can maintain them without much care, and they are easy to clean.  Felt rug pads also offer high sound proofing and can be used at home, in industries or in businesses.

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A Variety of Rug Pads for Different Purposes

Rug pads are used under rugs to support the rugs well and according to different needs there are a variety of rug pads available on the market. A rug pad is so central to a rug’s performance. Even when you are using a high quality rug its performance may be cut down because of not choosing a proper rug pad. Rug pads give the foundation for every carpet installation. You cannot secure your floor by only choosing a good rug. Not picking the right rug pad may end up in the serious damage to both your floors and rugs. The selection of rug and the selection of rug pad must be done in sync. Selecting either a low quality rug or a poor quality rug pad is enough to bring you disappointment.

k2Factors you should consider before choosing your rug pad

To get the best out of your rug and of your floor you need to use rug pad for every specific need. But you will notice if you conduct a survey on the market that there are many retailers who do not offer rug pads for every specialized purpose rather they provide some particular rug pads for your different needs. This happens mainly because the retailers often buy rug pads in truckload quantities. There is the quantity discounts. So the retailers typically buy one type of rug pads but in large quantity. As a consequence, they rarely offer several options. Do not compromise with this fact when you are choosing your rug pad. You should pick the right rug pad for your especial need. If a particular retailer fails to provide you the rug pad that you prefer, ask the retailer if it can be ordered. And if the retailer cannot fulfill your need, never be in a fix to find another retailer.

Consumers widely believe that rug pads are only to increase the level of comfort under foot. Of course, this is a purpose of using a rug pad, but there are other benefits that a rug pad can offer. The primary purpose of rug pad is to absorb the impact of traffic or the impact of some other damaging factors. That is a rug pad can prevent the rug as well as the floors. The impact of traffic can cause synthetic latex to break down, backings to stretch, or the separation of the primary backing from the secondary backing (delamination) as well as the unnecessary stress on the face fiber. The rug pad that provides less cushions and comfort but can extend the life of the rug installation by absorbing the wear and tear.

Consumers often make two common mistakes when choosing a rug pad. The first one is to purchase a rug pad that is too soft. A too soft rug pad can bottom out when it is exposed to foot traffic. This ultimately causes the shortening of a rug pad’s performance life.

k4The various ways of rating the performance of rug pads can be confusing if you do not pay close attention. Some rug pads are rated according to their density, and there are a number of methods of determining rug pad density. To indicate the density  of rug pads there are various terms such as indentation force deflection (IFD), indentation load deflection (ILD), compression force deflection (CFD), compression load deflection (CLD). All these terms are widely used to describe the test method used for evaluating rug pad density. These terms indicate how much weight is required to bottom out the rug pad. Some of these methods assume a square inch area as the unit of evaluation while other methods use a broader 6 or 8 square inches area as the unit of evaluation. So, you should consider in which method you are evaluating the rug pad density. For example, an 8 lb. rating of the broader area evaluation may equate to a ½ pound rating for a square inch measure.

Rug pad can also be rated according to weight per cubic yard. For instance, an 8 pounds rug pad may weigh 8 pounds in a standard 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet cube. Whereas a flat rubber rug pad may weigh 22 pounds per cubic foot and a prime urethane rug pad may weigh only 4 pounds. However, the ultimate performance factor is how many pounds per footfall area can be taken by the rug pad to bottom out.

The second mistakes consumers make is to purchase a rug pad that is too thick. You may have the idea that the thicker your rug pad will be the more comfort you are likely to feel under your feet. But this extra thickness can cause performance problem. But this is not the main fault of thick rug pads. The main reason for selecting a thinner rug pad is to ensure that the carpet is not too high from the floor so that it will not hold on to the tack strip.

You should not exceed ½ inch thickness when choosing your rug pad though the carpet industry has established a maximum recommended thickness of 7/16 inch. A ½ inch rug pad enough to provide adequate cushioning and still it can allow the carpet to hold on to the tack strip.

Urethane Foam Pads

Urethane foam pads offer different thickness and densities. These rug pads have the density of around ½ lb per inch area. They can be your choice if the density matches with your needs. You need not to show any hesitation if the density of a waffle foam pad matches your preference.

Waffle Rubber Pads

Waffle rubber pads fall within the carpet industry recommendation of ½ inch thickness; but because of their waffle texture, this measurement includes air. Nowadays these rug pads are good though they have a notorious past. In the past, a waffle rubber pad’s filler percentage used to very high as a result the rug pad tended to break down with wear and tear. Besides, when the rug is removed you would see this rug pad has reverted back to its original state of Georgia clay. But today’s waffle rug pads offer a different scenario. They perform much better than the waffle pads of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Bonded Urethane Pads

Bonded urethane rug pads (also called as the Rebond) are the most popular rug pads in these days. This type of rug pads is made from broken scraps of high-density urethane foam that are used in automotive and furniture manufacturing. These scraps are bonded together to form rug pads.

k3You will find a variety of thickness and densities of the bonded urethane rug pads. For these rug pads the density is measured as a function of weight in pounds per cubic foot. For instance, generally, a 6 lb rebond pad weighs 6 lb per cubic foot. The Carpet Cushion Council (CCC) recommends the thickness and densities of rug pads. They suggest a rug pad of at least 5 lbs and with a 3/8 inch thickness for light traffic areas; and 6.5 lbs and 3/8 inch rug pads for heavy traffic areas. Though many manufacturers suggest a minimum of 8 lb weight per cubic foot, but remember the Carpet Cushion Council is the trade voice for the rug or carpet pad industry.

But you should be concerned about the presence of butylated hydroxy toluene (Bht) in bonded urethane pads. Bht is a chemical compound that is used in foods, cereals and breads. It also works as an antioxidant and has no effects upon health. The manufacturing of some urethane products this Bht is added in the purpose of reducing the risk of fire during manufacturing process.

But unfortunately, Bht is not that good for the hardwood floor and has the tendency to stain the floor. If your floor has already stained and yellowed by using a urethane pad with Bht then you should follow the manufacturers’ guideline to clean the floor. First of all, rinse the floor with white vinegar or some other mild acids and then you may apply a detergent solution. But detergent solutions may permanently set the yellowing on your floor in some cases. So, it is better to ask the manufacturers to what process should be followed in this situation. And of course it will be best if you do not purchase rug pad with Bht in it.

Flat Rubber Pads

If your preference is to get the maximum luxury as well as longevity flat rubber pads with 19-22 lb density could be your choice. These pads are exceptional for their longevity and grandeur but they are costly. Because of their high price the general consumers avoid choosing them, but one thing they can guarantee is that they last for years.  Perhaps, these are the only pads that can outlast the carpet and work well even with a second one.

Fiber Cushion Pads

Fiber cushions rug pad may not offer an exquisite performance. These pads are manufactured using the scrap fibers. Though these pads harm least to the environment but they are not that good at performance. So it is recommended that you should pick a rug pad according to your need from the above-listed rug pad types.

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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hand-knotted Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs add great grandeur to any room. Because of their extended durability and splendor they often considered a valuable family heirloom. You can add an extra ordinary beauty to your room’s appearance by just putting a hand-knotted rug on your flooring. These rugs are made of 100% wool, and woven by skilled weavers without any help of machines. If proper care is taken, these rugs can last for years. So you must follow a good cleaning and maintaining procedure to get the best out of your hand-knotted rugs.

oriental rug pad 1Tips for General Care

The first thing you should consider is that whenever you want to put a rug on your floor you should select an even floor. If you do not choose an even surface for your rug it is more likely that one area of your rug will wear out more quickly than the rest.

Besides this one, there are several other things that you should consider to save your rug from natural wear and tear. Among them, the first thing you need to care about is the quality of the rugs. Make sure that you have picked a top quality rug for your floor.

But only selecting a top quality rug cannot ensure your rug’s prolonged life. You must choose a quality rug pad according to your needs and rug. Always pick top quality padding under your rug to prevent sliding, and to provide protection from dirt. Also, depending on its location, your rug should be rotated every six months to prevent uneven wear.

handmade-rug-groupThe next thing you should give priority is preventing rugs from water damage. Water or any types of liquid can cause serious damage to your rugs. So you must ensure that your rugs are away from any source of water. A common mistake is to putting potted plants near the rugs or on the rugs. You must be aware of the potential risk of outing a potted plant on your rugs. Potted plant can spill water by accidents. Besides, potted plants often cause dampness to the rugs. Even when you have taken care about accidents, it is likely for a potted plant to get leaked at some point. Putting a potted plant on your rug will increase the possibility of getting dampness to your rugs and thus that part of your rug will be weakened and discolored. The area under the pot will stay damp, and that part will become discolored and weakened. So, it is better to avoid potted plants around your rugs.

Another deteriorating factor for rugs is the moths. Moths lay their larvae in dark, undisturbed areas where a rug may not see much traffic or get vacuumed, such as under the furniture. Generally, if your rugs remain unused for a prolonged period of time, your rugs will get moths. But if your rugs are in use, you can be sure that they will not get moths. To prevent moths you can rotate the rugs regularly and also you can expose them to light and air so that moths will not lay their larvae on your rugs.

It is natural that with time your rugs will face wear and tear. There is no way to keep this away. But proper maintenance and cleaning can increase the life of your rugs. So, if you notice that your rug is damaged, do not kill time to take the necessary repairs. But make sure to do the repair by competent and experienced professionals.

Tips for Cleaning

Cleaning is very important for keeping the glamour of your hand-knotted rugs. Make sure your rug is properly cleaned on a regular basis and then you can expect an extended lifetime of your rugs. Regularly clean your rugs by sweeping and vacuuming. Vacuuming is a good way to pull away dirt from the rugs. Never vacuum the fringes of your rugs, and do not go against the rug’s pile. To be sure about the direction of your rug’s pile, you can touch and run your hand along the rug. You will see that one direction is smoother and the other is a bit stiffer. You should vacuum the rugs in the smoother direction and should not vacuum against the pile.

handmade-rugs 2Another important thing you should remember when cleaning your rugs: Avoid using chemicals on your rugs. Also avoid steam cleaning or even chemical cleaners on your hand-knotted rugs. Steam cleaning or chemical cleaning remove natural oils from the wool so that your rugs will wear out faster. What your rug mostly need is everyday surface cleaning. It is easier to do, but help a lot for extending the life span of a hand-knotted rug. However, if you need a serious cleaning, you should go for a professional cleaning service specialized for hand-made rugs.

A hand-made oriental rug can be wonderful addition to the appearance of your home.  Though, these hand-knotted rugs are well known for their longevity, you can expand the longevity more to make it a family heirloom by ensuring proper maintenance and cleaning.

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